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Conference 2020 Registration FAQs

Ask an Expert
In the Classroom

Q. Who should fill out the registration form?

The delegation leader should fill out this form for the entire delegation. Individuals who wish to take part in the Pre-Conference also fill out the same form but just on behalf of themselves. 

Q. What is the Participant Statement?

This statement concerns rules and guidelines for all participants for the conference regarding minors, privacy, data etc. We ask that you read and download this statement here and circulate it amongst all of your delegates. Please read it carefully and if you have any questions contact us 

Q. What is a delegation leader?

The delegation leader is an adult over 18 years of age who will be in charge of their delegation. This is typically a teacher, youth leader or parent. A delegation is a group of students or young people who are interested in attending the CEI 2020 Conference.

Q. I do not know how many delegates I will have yet - what do I do?

Try and indicate how many students or delegates you hope to have (e.g. Student 1, Student 2 etc.) and tell us when you have their names.

Q. Why do you need the age range of my delegates?

This will help us place them in groups that are suitable for them and we need to know how many delegates are minors for privacy reasons.

Q. Who is the "Contact Person/Delegation Leader"?

That’s the person who takes responsibility for the delegation (see above). If you are an individual fill out just your own name. Please submit your first and surname. 

Q. Why do you need my email address and which email address should I use?

We will use this to give you a Microsoft Teams login for the Pre-Conference & Conference but also to provide you with more information about the Pre-Conference and CEI 2020 Virtual conference. Please use an email address that is for you only (i.e. not an organisation email such as CEI alumni email account general school email address that is accessed by several people) and an account that you can easily access so you can receive the required information.

Q. What is my "Delegation Name"?

This is what you expect your delegation to be called in conference correspondence e.g. CEI Indonesia or CEI Indonesia - School 1

Q. What is my "School/Organisation"?

This is the name of the school or youth organisation that you are a part of that binds your delegation e.g. Newtown School Waterford or Boys Scouts of America. If you are an individual please fill in your CEI branch or organisation e.g. CEI India or Utrecht University.  

Q. What type of project should I do?

We are offering three different types of project sessions this year: 

  1. Full projects

For any schools who already have a full project (perhaps on the shelf since July or you work on year round) we invite you to come and present your project. Please note each project should be presented by a separate delegation. The project should focus on one the sub themes of the conference which are: 

  • The transformation in highland ecosystem

  • The transformation in lowland ecosystem

  • The transformation in marine and seashore ecosystem

  • The transformation in urban ecosystem


    2. 48 hour projects 

Together with our team create and undertake a 48 hour project based on the theme and make a short presentation about what you found out. 


    3. Brainstorming for 2021

Work with other schools and participants to brainstorm a project for the CEI 2021 conference and meet possible partners and advisors. 


For more information about CEI projects see:


Note if you are an observer/individual you can join any of the sessions and observe or actively participate in sessions 2 or 3. 

Q. I don't know my students' details yet...?

Please fill out student 1, student 2, student 3  etc. and fill in the email address of the delegation leader. This way we can set up Microsoft Teams accounts for your students in advance.

Q. I have questions about the conference or the registration form, who do I ask?

Email CEI Indonesia ( with any further questions 

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