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Q. How did Costa Rica come to be hosts of CEI 2022?

"COVID-19 has brought many changes in the way that we do things, how we operate, how we work, and how we interact with each other. COVID-19 has also shown us how nature can take over and heal itself when we are not interacting with it. This means that, as human beings, we have the responsibility to strategically interact with our environment in a symbiotic way so as to foster its healing process, not hinder it. It is time to take action and to step up to the challenge of being able to work hand in hand in order to correct, adapt, and heal. Taking the lead in such responsible actions, Costa Rica, Fundación Madre Tierra Verde, and Golden Valley School have accepted the challenge of hosting the first ever hybrid conference for Caretakers of the Environment International." - CEI 2022 Conference Hosts

Q. Why will the CEI conference be in a hybrid format in 2022?

Due to the Corona outbreak and restrictions on international travel, in order to make the conference accessible to everyone, Costa Rica will be hosting the first ever hybrid conference with opportunities for both physical and virtual participation. They will be developing this hybrid model in cooperation with the CEI Alumni Team, so that it can be used for future conferences.

Q. That sounds great! When will the CEI 2022 Conference be? 

July 4th-8th, times and details coming soon. There will be possibilities for both physical and virtual participation, so something for everyone!

You can also join us for the Pre-Conference on March 19th - 7-10am Costa Rican time.

Q. What is the Pre-Conference? 

The Pre-Conference is a taster of some talks based around the conference theme. It will also include more information of what to expect at the actual conference from the hosts. It will take place on March 19th. 

Q. Who is this conference suitable for? 

The annual Caretakers of the Environment conference is for high school students and teachers who are passionate about the environment. At the conference these “Caretakers” present their projects, participate in workshops and learn about different environmental issues, discuss with each other and have fun. The conference welcomes all environmental activists and educators. If you are not a student or teacher you are welcome to join all aspects of the virtual part of the conference as an observer, the only difference is that you will not present a project. 

Q. What is a project?

Students are encouraged to present a project concerning the theme of the conference. Please see our dedicated forum post about how to create a project for CEI . Your project should relate to at least one of the conference subthemes.

Full Project - you prepare a project in advance and it will be presented at the conference. This is the standard type of project at CEI Annual Conferences. 


Q. How can I register to take part?

Registration will open in late January 2022. More details about Registration can be found here. These will be updated as more registration information becomes available. However, if you have any further questions about registration, please contact 

Some notes about registration: 

  • If you’re under 18 years of age, you need to register as part of a delegation

  • A delegation is a student or group of students who are led by a teacher or youth leader 

  • That teacher/youth leader is responsible for their students and securing permission for their students 

  • Non-student organizations/individuals who would like to observe during the conference without presenting a project must also register in advance

Q. Where will the physical part of the CEI 2022 take place?

The main venue will be Golden Valley School (San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica).

Additional venues may include: 

  • La Selva Biological Station & Reserve: Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

  • La Tirimbina Biological Reserve: Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica

  • El Zota Biological Field Station: Barra de colorado, Limón, Costa Rica


More information about the physical venues and accommodation will become available in 2022.

Q. What digital forum(s) will the virtual part of CEI 2022 be using?

The virtual part of the CEI 2022 conference will be on Zoom. We will may also be using some other platforms in conjunction with Zoom. Information about this will be available nearer to the conference in the CEI 2022 conference programme and in the CEI 2022 participant statement.

Q. What do I need to prepare for the conference and when do they need to be submitted?

Each delegation will need to prepare and submit the following:

  1.  Project elements which are:  

            -  Project Presentation File/Recording

            -  Project Poster for Virtual Poster Exhibition 

            -  Project Summary for Global Forum

   2. Cultural Night Performance


More details can be found here. A timeline of important dates for CEI 2022 including submission deadlines are available.

Q. How can I keep up to date with all the latest conference news?

That's easy - sign up to be a member of the alumni website to get the latest news via our blog and forum.

Alternatively, tune in the following social media channels:


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CEI 2022 Costa Rica

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CEI Alumni Team




CEI Alumni Team

Registration FAQs can be found here

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