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CEI Young Reporters

Stack of Newspapers

For 2024, we have the pleasure of running an adapted Young Reporters Programme both online and in person with Hjalmar Nordén, CEI alumni and previous trainee and later project manager of the Global Youth Reporter Programme (GYRP). You can read more here:


To get involved:


In order to participate, we'd love for YOU to put together a short video of your project! Make it focused, snappy and make sure to get those bonus points through some quick interviews with your team mates (maybe a question for them each?)! Once your video is done, send a link to it to (latest May 20, 2024). We want the team to be as diverse as possible and to have no more than one influencer/reporter per country, and so we ask to receive solo applications only. May the best reporter win!


This team's efforts will be started off slightly ahead of the conference and through workshops during the first days. 

Keep an eye out on our social media channels, especially our Instagram ( and TikTok (  for the latest updates from the 2024 young reporters. 

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