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How to join the CEI Global Network


Join our global network mailing list

We are developing a CEI global network mailing list where we provide newsletters and updates about what is happening in CEI between conferences and to keep providing information about different meetups, conferences and activities that you can get involved in. If you want to join this mailing list click the 'Get Started' button below and fill out our Contact Form to be added to the list.


Join your national CEI branch

National CEI branches work actively on projects linking schools and community partners at the local level. Stay up to date with projects and activities in your country by contacting your local branch. Find information about your national branch or how to set up a new national branch here: 


Become a member to discuss on our Forums with fellow Caretakers

You can always engage with your fellow Caretakers on our Forum and talk about different topics. Share ideas, projects and activities there and let us know what you’re up to! 

To do this, become a member following the link below!

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