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All participants of the CEI 2021 virtual conference and pre-conference must carefully read and agree with the below policy concerning minors, data protection and privacy and social media policy. If you prefer a downloadable version, you can download it using the button below.

Protection of minors

Please note that the delegation leader must take responsibility for the behaviour, conduct and safety of all their delegates. This means that they must receive permission from the parents or guardians of any delegates under the age of 18 for delegates to attend any and all elements of the CEI Virtual Conference 2021.


CEI is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all delegates and particularly minors. However, we cannot take responsibility for the actions of all participants and delegates. In all online forums we strongly suggest that minors only use their first name. CEI will never publish the full name of any minors on any of our websites or social media.


For the CEI 2021 conference, it is the responsibility of the delegate to have the appropriate display name on all platforms. All students and participants under 18 must have the following: Name – Country, e.g. Sam – Sweden. No family/surnames are allowed for minors. Any inappropriate or unreadable display names will be removed by the hosting team.

Data protection and privacy

Data collected via registration forms will be stored by CEI Alumni Team on our servers. This information will only be used by the CEI Alumni Team to contact you about the pre-conference, conference or further CEI activities. Your email will also be added to the CEI mailing list to be informed about future conferences. If at any point you would like to stop receiving communication from CEI you can contact us at and your data will be erased from our database. We will never share your data with any third parties.


The CEI 2021 Conference will be using the following platforms:


For full information about security and privacy on these platforms please see their official documentation which is linked above beside each platform. Please note that all data, pictures and information you place on these platforms will be removed after the conference.


Virtual Conference online policy 

As this is a virtual conference many sessions will be promoted on, or linked to, social media. We are only responsible for the content that is posted by CEI and the CEI Alumni Team, we cannot take responsibility for the content of all participants. If anything posted on our social media accounts makes you uncomfortable or you think it is inappropriate or incorrect please contact us and we will do our best to remove it as quickly as possible.


Unauthorized use of the CEI 2021 and Alumni Logo is not permitted and we are not responsible for any unauthorized usage online by others. Promotional material published by us can be used to promote the conference in your locality, however, if you wish to make any further material, please consult with the host first to ensure it follows the conference social media, privacy and child safety regulations.


Please note that many sessions will be recorded or live-streamed on social media. If you do not want to be involved in such activities it is your responsibility to inform the session leader and to mute your own microphone/turn off your own camera. These sessions will be clearly highlighted on the interactive conference programme prior to the conference.



If you have any questions about this statement please contact

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