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CEI costa rica

July 4th - 8th

Image by sterlinglanier Lanier

CEI 2022

The 36th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference will be the first ever hybrid CEI conference, allowing for both physical and virtual participation. It will be hosted by Costa Rica from July 4th - July 8th 2022.


The conference will be hosted by Golden Valley School (GVS) and the Fundación Madre Tierra Verde (MTVFund) with support from the CEI Alumni Team. The organising team will be led by co-hosts Gerardo de Vega (MTVFund) and Georgina Grillo (GVS), with assistance from GVS students Daniela Gutiérrez and Max Meoño who will lead the volunteer team. 

A pre-conference to give a taster of what to expect at CEI 2022 will take place on March 19th. There will also be a number of pre-events to help schools find partners for project and to learn more about how to undertake projects. Registration for the conference is now open. So now is the time to start getting together your delegation of interested students and begin thinking about your project. A delegation consists of high school students (aged 12-18) accompanied by a teacher or youth leader. Each delegation will present a project at the conference based on the conference theme either virtually or in person. 

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


The people we need for the water we want

There are then 3 conference sub-themes that you can structure your project around: 

1. Water & Society

2. Water & the Environment

3. Water & Economy

Some ideas to consider which fall into one or more of the subthemes include:

  • Energy Production

  • Climate Adaptation

  • Climate Refugees

  • Ecotourism

  • Water Pollution and Sanitation

Image by José León


This year's conference logo was designed by Max Meoño, an 11th grade Host school, Golden Valley school student. Max is also one of the National Alumni for this year's conference and is a part of the CEI 2022 Organising Team.


 The logo represents this year's conference theme; water, it is for that reason that it is made of a blue tone. The simplicity of the design encapsulates the elegance, rigor and importance of water bodies. A the center of the design is the outline of the country of Costa Rica, the host country for CEI 2022. It is incorporated into the logo to capture its essence and beauty. 


3 characteristic and popular aquatic animals have also been included into the design; this with the mere purpose of teaching everyone a little bit more about Costa Rican biodiversity. It is important to mention that the animals shown do not inhabit where they are located in the logo, but instead were put there for aesthetic purposes. The leatherback turtle is located at the top left corner of the logo, in reality, it can be found towards the Caribbean Coast. The humpback whale, located at the left side of the logo, is found in the coast of the Puntarenas province, located southwest of the country. Lastly, the hammerhead shark, located on the right side of the design, can be spotted around the Coco Islands, also southwest of the country. We hope that from the story of the logo, you have already learned a bit about beautiful Costa Rica!

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