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Being part of the alumni group is not difficult: every student that has participated in any of the CEI conferences is entitled to call him/herself ‘alumnus’, meaning 'old participant'. It is, however, something different to be part of the (registered) Alumni Network. Alumni are former participants that have registered themselves as active Alumni and are willing to contribute to the CEI network throughout the year and during conferences.

Each year, regardless of the conference theme, a central lesson taught to all delegates is to engage respectfully with the natural environment and all actors in it. Whether it concerns wildlife, nature reserves, urban environments or man made natural environments, whether it concerns flora, fauna or people, we have a responsibility of care for the environment we live in. Central in every CEI activity is the proactive role we must play in preserving and conserving the diversity of life that surrounds us. 


By registering, alumni who join the senior alumni network make a clear statement. They intend to carry out the Caretaker spirit that is central in every conference and pass it on to not only new delegates in a new conference, but also in their own environment. 

The alumni network consists of all past alumni who want to continue to work with CEI and improving the environment. 


Sign up using the contact form to the right with your name, nationality and what conferences you attended as both students and alumni. We will then add you to our mailing list and you will be updated on what you can do to help CEI and the planet. 


Thanks for submitting!

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