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Waste Management

Author: Maria (Young Reporter, Malawi)

What do we all understand by the term waste management? It is a term that describes the collection of all waste materials in order to recycle and/or reuse to mitigate their impact on human and environmental health. Have you ever imagined what the environment could look like if all the waste materials were thrown anywhere?

When the waste materials have been well managed, they cause no harm to the environment keeping the environment clean and safe. Poor waste disposal creates an unhealthy environment that causes diseases e.g., cholera. Waste acts as a harbor for diseases causing organisms. When industrial waste has been disposed of in water bodies it pollutes the water hence affecting aquatic life and people. In addition, the burning of waste in public causes respiratory problems and affects the ozone layer.

The remedial action that is required to be undertaken is to allocate those people involved in industrial businesses far away from residential areas and enforce policy on paying heavy tax to these industrial companies that produce excess amounts of wastes that are harmful to people and the environment. The industrialists should practice proper waste disposal. There is a need to educate people on how to manage wastes.

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