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Small Changes for a Better World

Author: Alberto (Junior Alumni)

Being more sustainable/eco-friendly in our daily life has been getting a lot of importance though the years, with climate changing getting worse and so on we must start to apply some small changes to our life to help our planet and try to improve it in some years.

In my daily life, I've been applying some small actions that I would like to share with you.

1. For some unknown reasons I've always saved the trash in my pocket since I was 4, this helps a lot with pollution of plastics that people throw into the streets of natural places. Don't throw your trash and keep it in your pocket or in a bag, it helps a lot and you’ll get used to it quickly.

2. This follows to the second point: always have a bottle with you to carry some water. Plastic bottles are a big problem these days, and the use of a bottle for water will help a lot to reduce the use of these and their pollution.

3. Last but no less important: turn off the lights or any other electrical device while you're not using them/it as they produce a lot of heat and light pollution (which doesn't let us to see more stars or celestial bodies). This has become a serious business with the greenhouse effect as electric light has a lot of factors that make it a big source of pollution.

These 3 tips might not seem as useful as a big action, but they are. We just need to use them daily and convince our friends and family to use them, we can apply them in our daily life and in some years get a better future.

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