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How to be Prepared for the 2020 CEI Virtual Conference

Hi all,

I'm sure you are as excited as we are that CEI 2020 is only days away!

In preparation for the conference and to make sure you have the best experience possible, we've prepared some useful tips and reminders for you. Make sure you check off the below to have the best time and to be prepared to join us on Sunday 27th September at 18.00 WIB.

1. Familiarise yourself with Microsoft Teams. When you registered, each member of your delegation will have received a login for Microsoft Teams. Make sure to download the desktop version of Teams (as this is much easier and user-friendly) here. Make sure you login in and have a look around before the conference. Take at look at our videos (or PDFs if that's more your style) to learn the best tips and tricks you need to know for the conference. You'll find these here.

2. Make sure you have a working webcam (this might be built in if you are on a laptop/tablet) and microphone. These are crucial for you to participate in the Virtual Conference sessions, particularly the icebreakers, projects session and workshops. We want to see your lovely faces and hear your opinions! Try and find a quiet spot to attend the conference but if you are somewhere a bit noisy, make sure you also have working headphones!

3. Speaking of microphones - please join each session with your microphone off as per below. This is to avoid background noise and so that we can hear the MCs, the speakers etc. speak! You will be advised when/if you can turn your microphone on.

4. Ensure your chat notification sounds are muted. If these are not muted, then when you are speaking, every message that someone writes in the chat will make a "ping" noise which can make it difficult for your fellow participants to hear you and listen to what you are saying. To mute, click on your profile pic in the top right-hand corner of Teams. Select "Settings" and go to "Notifications." Scroll to the the "Meetings" heading (section below "Other"). Click the drop-down beside "Meeting Notifications". Set to MUTE.

5. Have a read of the interactive timetable and make sure to download a copy for easy viewing. The timetable can be found here and it contains everything you need to know about the virtual conference. The timetable is there and if you click on part of the timetable, it will bring you to the description and details of that session. It also has the links to all of the different calls for each session in case you can't find them in Teams. We recommend you download a copy to have on your computer so you don't always have to check the web version. You can download it by clicking the button circled in red shown below

6. Follow the alumni on your favourite social media platform. In the programme you'll find social media tips and challenges made by the alumni for each event. There are also specific hashtags for all the events. So that you are ready to take part in these challenges, follow us before the conference on your preferred social media platform:

Instagram: @imacei

Twitter: @imcei

Facebook: CEI Alumni Team

Snapchat: alumnicei

Tiktok: @iamcei

7. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and bookmark it as a favourite. During the conference some sessions will be livestreamed and can be shared by you with your family, friends and colleagues who may be interested. Some sessions will be livestream only as well so it's a good idea to both subscribe and bookmark the Alumni Youtube channel so you have these livestreams handy. Our Youtube channel you can find here and just click the big red subscribe button if you haven't already!

8. Make sure you have submitted your video for the cultural evening performance and that you have your cultural evening attire ready to go for Thursday 1st October. I'm sure most of you have already but if you haven't please submit your cultural performance video ASAP here. If you have difficulty with the link, you can also email this to . As well as this, make sure you have your cultural outfit ready to wear on Thursday, 1st October. For this day, everyone will be wearing their cultural outfit or national dress. Can't wait to see all the cool outfits!

See you soon (virtually!),

The Alumni Team

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