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Get Educated, Stay Educated, Be The Change!

Issues are just brought to my attention, how could this be?

Author: Nhi (Young Reporter, USA)

Some were born into a world when technological innovations have hit their peak, so, it may cause many to be oblivious to what’s going on around us. We have dealt with social, political, and environmental issues for a long time. But, with the usage of social media, we have become tone-deaf to these issues. Now that we are exposed to others' opinions with the usage of social media, we need to uncover others to the issues that have been pushed aside for an enduring amount of time.

I went through life unattentive about what was around me. I thought that if my life was good, the world would be perfectly fine. I was promptly enlightened on the issues surrounding me. Many adolescents, like myself, wanted to get educated but didn’t know how. No one has the time or wants to read a 15-page paper. I just wanted a quick article of what was going on and how I could support and help. So, I started my first project, called, The More You Know Project. This is an Instagram account where I post daily quick educational reads about political, social, environmental issues and how you can support and help. I started this because I did not want to remain the unattentive person I was before. I wanted to get educated, stay educated, and be the change. I would hope that others would read my posts, inform their peers, and do good actions.

Whatever age you are and the size of your platform does not matter. Everyone has one thing in common: everyone has a voice. Use that voice. I highly encourage everyone to take the first step and just make yourself knowledgeable about what's around you. With that one step, you’re supporting others, you’re showing that it is not scary using your voice, you’re contributing to the change that we are pushing to happen. Do your part in making this world a safer, more inclusive, non-judgmental place.

How will YOU start?

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