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Ecotourism: A Slice of Indonesia's Hidden Gems

Author: Ryan (Young Reporter, Indonesia)

From the west to east of Indonesia, or as we say “dari sabang sampai ke merauke”, lies glorious waters and wonderful marine life. One of the most popular areas in Indonesia is Nusa Penida, an island that is popular among tourists in Bali. However, there are more places that have yet to be discovered on an international scale such as the tricolor beach, or which is known as “pantai tiga warna” located in Malang, Indonesia. The tricolor beach is a beautiful beach with 3 shades visible in the ocean. Another magical location to be in is the pink beach located at Komodo Island, where the sand is pink. However, the most beautiful beach and waters in Indonesia is located in Nusa Dua, where the sand is yellow, and the ocean is rich in blue, resembling the classic beach. As a citizen living in Java, I often travel to Bali, which is again one of the most beautiful locations in the world. During my last visit to Bali, I went to the Nusa Dua beach which was rather ravishing. The sand was warm, the waters were fresh washing off the shores, and the vibe was impeccable, definitely a visit I would recommend.

As I mentioned, Indonesia has a beautiful marine ecosystem, however sadly our coral reefs are dying each year and are in jeopardy due to reckless fishing, pollution, mining corals for building materials, and others. That is why one of these beaches, which is the Tricolor Beach, not only serves as a tourist attraction but also as a mangrove and bio reef tech conservation zone. They develop new technologies such as Bio Reef Tech aiming to restore corals in Indonesia and further promote ecotourism.

This is something I want to find out more about.

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