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Community Youth Farm….make a difference!

Author: Rieve (Young Reporter, USA)

What does it take to make a difference? For many people, this may seem like a daunting question that can only be answered with a long, complicated array of responses. Some people spend their entire lives just trying to comprehend the question, while others work to achieve it. CEI is one example of those who put their positive thoughts into action. After seeing how much they have accomplished by doing so, I found myself inspired to make a difference as well in a small but rewarding manner in the form of my help at a Community Youth Farm.

A Community Youth Farm is a sustainable farm that is maintained and operated by the Youth who strive to make a difference. This particular farm is unique because the food that is produced goes directly to our county food share, which in turn is given to local families in need. I joined a group on the farm called the Harvest Crew. The job is quite simple: we harvest all of the crops. There are many different kinds of crops around the farm. Some of them are similar in size and shape, but all of them have a unique way of harvesting that I am excited to learn about. What is even more great about working at this farm is that it uses sustainable agricultural methods! The farm is teeming with all sorts of bee boxes, planter boxes, greenhouses, and other manmade structures that help create a healthy environment. Cover crops are frequently used as well. These are crops which serve as place holders for the intended crop while adding nutrients to the soil in order to keep it healthy and maintained.

Many of these cover crops have magnificent flowers that contribute to the beauty of the farm!

So I will say it again: What does it take to make a difference? I hope you can see that it doesn’t have to take years of contemplation or questioning to figure out the answer. It is simple. Often small things can make a bigger difference than we realize. And why not start local? Your community is perhaps the most rewarding place to begin your path to change. Whether it be in the form of a school project, a Youth Farm, a tree you planted, or CEI, there has never been a better time to start making a difference than right now.

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