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CEI is back in 2020, only in virtual format!

Dear Caretakers,

The Coronavirus has been a global pandemic that has caused all of us to readjust, reflect, reset, refocus and restart. Born from a time of crisis, the incredible team of CEI Indonesia and conference host Stien Makatupan created something new. They have been working tirelessly with the CEI board and alumni team to make sure that Caretakers still have an opportunity to share their ideas, discuss and reflect on new ways to save the planet at a time when we need international collaboration more than ever.

This Virtual Conference is going to be exciting, new, different and challenging and the alumni team could not be happier or prouder to be involved. Technology will allow us to cross borders despite not being able to travel and allow us to work together to look forwards towards a sustainable planet.

We are calling on all Caretakers past and present to reach out to your colleagues, friends, students, community partners and invite them to take part in the CEI 2020 Virtual Conference. The more the merrier! We have a unique opportunity to be even more diverse and inclusive than normal.

We look forward to seeing you all online and make sure to give Stien a virtual rainbow hug to thank her for creating this opportunity for all of us. Take care!


Senior Alumni Chairperson 2020

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