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Canada Bans New Petrol Cars By 2035

Author: Arga (Indonesia, Young Reporter)

Are you a Canadian Petrolhead who expects in the future to have newer cars fuelled by Petrol? If you saw the headline, things are not going the way you wanted. As we can see, the Canadian Government decided to ban new Petrol-powered cars, so say goodbye to engine sounds by 2035 because Canada is planning to go full electric!

Originally, the government planned to ban the cars in 2040 but they decided to set it in 2035 to establish a better economy for the country, which includes the citizens as well, “Only bold climate policies lead to bold results. We will continue building a cleaner and more resilient economy, while also creating good jobs and opportunities for all Canadians,” stated Omar Algahabra, Minister of Transport.

And what’s a rule that changes the whole economy within 15 years without some help from some friendly neighbors such as the USA by working with Canada in creating the laws for the cars!

According to Autoweek, The Minister of Environment and Climate change of Canada stated that they will be receiving help to regulate the greenhouse gas standards. However, it seems that the citizens of Canada dislike the idea because they don’t know how they will live in winter conditions because they need heat. But what do you think about this whole change? If you had the power to solve global warming in Canada, what would you do instead of banning petrol-powered cars?

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