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CEI 2022 Submission Guidelines

alumnicei dates 2021

For CEI 2021, each delegation needs to ensure they submit the following:

  1. Cultural Evening Video 

  2. Flag Ceremony Video

  3. Project Presentation Video

  4. Project Summary for Global Forum

  5. Project Poster for Virtual Poster Exhibition

If your delegation is taking part of the 48 hour projects session instead of submitting a project in advance, then you must only submit number 1 & 2 of the above. 


Tips, guidelines and the links to where these can be submitted can be found below.

General Video Tips and Tricks

Image by King Buwa
1. Film in Landscape Mode

This means your device should horizontal when filming

2. Ensure you have good lighting

Make sure the lighting is good and we can clearly see your face (in front of you or at the side but not behind you!)

Image by Rafael Leão
3. Minimise Background Noise

Background noises can include cars, music, dogs, siblings, classmates. It also helps keeping the camera closer to the audio source you want to hear (e.g. the speaker during a presentation). You can also remove the audio from the original video using editing software (see examples further down this page) if you intend to replace it with a song or other audio.

Image by Christian Mackie
4. Keep the Camera Stable

Try to keep the camera stable and if you move or pan, do this slowly to avoid blurry clips. Consider using a tripod if you have one to assist with stability.

Image by Pardha Preetham
5. Avoid Zooming

Zooming might result in cuts in audio, so try to avoid zooming while someone is speaking

Image by Product School
6. Speak Loudly and Clearly

Make sure you speak loudly and clearly. Consider adding subtitles to your movie.

7. Make sure to edit your video

There are lots of free software available to edit your videos including Windows Movie Maker, Lightworks, VideoPad

Image by NordWood Themes
8. Be aware that these videos will be going online

All videos (presentations, cultural performances, flags) may be uploaded to the Alumni Youtube channel so bear this in mind in terms of privacy and what you and your students are comfortable with.

Image by Markus Winkler
9. Review the Participant Statement before making your videos

Make sure to review (and if necessary ask parents/guardians) our participant statement about this: 

Powerpoint Image by Product School
10. Avoid using Copyrighted Materials

Avoid using copyrighted materials especially music where possible. Please let us know if you intend to include copyrighted materials when sending us the video

Flag Ceremony Video

Street Image by Ruby Doan
  • We are asking each delegation to recreate their flag in a creative way and record this on video to create a virtual “flag ceremony”

  • If your school has multiple delegations, you are welcome to create multiple flags but these must be condensed into the one video

  • This video should be a maximum of 2 minutes long, but we welcome shorter submissions too

  • If you cannot recreate your flag, recreate the name of your country in letters e.g. HONG KONG 

  • Use trash, sweets, what you can find in nature, art, your bodies or anything you can think of to recreate your country's flag or name.

  • See this video for some cool ideas

  • To see how the alumni recreated our flag check here

  • Upload your flag video via this link: Flag Ceremony Submission

  • Deadline: 7th June 

Cultural Perfomance

alumnicei culture
  • Every country should prepare 1 video of any performance that represents your culture (e.g. dances, orchestra, drama, poem, language, food, etc.). 

  • The final product should be in a video format (e.g. M4A, MP4, MOV, AVI).

  • Maximum of 3 minutes long 

  • If there are multiple schools per country, please try to coordinate and put your videos together in advance or we will only be able to play a short part of your video

  • We advise you do not use materials from others, but if you do, make sure you have their permission and avoid copyright infringement

  • We encourage you to also join us in your national dress on the “cultural” day of the conference - we want to see your selfies!

  • Check out last year’s performances for a taste of what to expect: 

  • Upload via this link: Cultural Performance Submission

  • Deadline: 7th June


alumnicei powerpoint

Project Presentations

  • Every delegation should prepare a project presentation where they showcase the environmental work they have undertaken

  • All projects must be presented in a prerecorded video to give more creative freedom and for technical purposes.

  • This video can be a recording of a powerpoint presentation, a video of your delegation presenting their project in a classroom, a film, a drama - however you think is the best way to present your project! Creativity is welcome!

  • Note: if you choose to do a 48 hour project, you do not need to do this step!

  • Your presentation should explain your CEI project and how it links to the theme of the conference 

  • You can read more about CEI projects here: Guide to Conference Projects

  • Videos should be maximum 10 minutes long

  • If you introduce yourselves, make sure to only use your first names (e.g. 'Sam' not 'Samuel Thelaus') for privacy reasons! 

  • Upload your video via this link: Project Presentation Submission

  • Deadline: 21st June

Project Summary for Global Forum

  • To continue the tradition of recording CEI projects since 1987, we ask you to prepare a short summary for the Global Forum (the annually produced CEI magazine)

  • You can see past versions of the Global Forum here 

  • The template can be downloaded here: 

  • Don’t forget to include a photo of your team and project photos!

  • Note: if you choose to do a 48 hour project, you do not need to do this step! You will complete your summary during the conference programme!

  • Upload via this link: Project Summary for Global Forum

  • Deadline: June 14th

Project Poster

  • Each delegation should also prepare a poster for our virtual poster session

  • Presenting your poster at the virtual poster session is optional. However, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize for your poster, you must present your poster in the virtual poster session. More information about the poster competition can be found here

  • You can download our poster template here

  • Note if you choose to do a 48 hour project, you do not need to do this step!

  • Make sure to use lots of pictures

  • Make sure you can read everything on your laptop or computer screen! 

  • Make sure to only use your first names (e.g. 'Sam' not 'Samuel Thelaus') for priavacy and safety reasons

  • Please save your poster in PDF format

  • Upload via this link: Project Poster Submission

  • Deadline: 14th June 

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