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Making cake, making change: How cake teaches us about Project Based Learning!

Learn more about how you can create and develop new skills through Project Based Learning… and cake?

Author: Sofia (Young Reporter, Mexico)

Do you enjoy eating cake? What if I told you that you can eat your favorite cake any time with the ingredients you probably already have at home! By looking up a recipe, trying it out and switching it to your preferences, you can learn how to make your own cakes at home. Who wouldn't want an endless supply of cake? An endless supply of… projects? Yes! Cake is actually a metaphor to represent projects and by learning a recipe, you can start your own projects too.

This is called Project Based Learning (PBL). According to the Buck Institute for Education, PBL is a teaching method where students take matters into their own hands and learn by creating meaningful projects. What are the benefits from using this teaching method? Well, students develop critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, effective communication, and many other vital skills for everyday life. In this sort of project, students do so much more than just memorizing information; therefore, this method creates long-lasting understanding.

Instead of just eating cake you bought at the grocery store, you can bake your own and customize however you want. Same goes for projects! Customization is key because not every community in the world is the same. We must listen to our world’s needs in order to understand what we should be focusing on. In this year’s CEI Conference, students from all around the world will be listening to their communities and creating projects to alleviate local-global problems. Not only are they helping their communities but they are also learning and developing new skills every step of the way. Next time you are about to buy a slice of cake from your grocery store, consider baking your own to engage in Project Based Learning!

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